• Dare To Be Heard

    Dare To Be Heard

    Dare To Be Heard explores the perception of women artists and the challenges shaping their creative identities. Curated by Stephanie Rond, Dare to be Heard is an exhibition comprising over 20+ creatives discussing these issues from their perspective. The exhibition will ask questions of both artists and viewers, and look for answers through programs such as artist talks, panels, workshops and performances.

    Visual Artists : Ambivalently Yours, Amy Leibrand, April Sunami, Courtney Kessel, Linda Ayala, Lisa McLymont, Liz Roberts, Maira Hashmi, Marcy Chevali, Monica J. Brown, Natalia Arblaez, Nona Faustine, Shin-hee Chin, Susan Van Pelt Petry, and Victoria Ahmadizadeh

    Poets : Barbara Fant, Cynthia Amoah, Dionne Custer Edwards, Izetta Nicole, Louise Robertson, Naki Akrobettoe, Rachel Wiley, Rose Smith, Sayuri Ayers, and Joy Sullivan

    Theatre and Dance : Monica J. Brown and Susan Van Pelt Petry

    Zine Workshop led by Amelia Gramling, Nancy Kangas, Rae Reed, Vahni Kurra

    Poetry Retreat led by Anisa Gandevivala, Katerina Harris and Kim Leddy

    Women in Art History led by Dana Lynn Harper

    Panels, lectures and more details at daretobeheard.com

    Opening Reception: Friday, September 23 at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Columbus Cultural Arts Center
    139 W Main St, Columbus, Ohio 43215

  • Frankenstein Admires A Flower

    Frankenstein Admires A Flower

    Please join us for the opening of Frankenstein Admires a Flower, a pop-up exhibition opening on Friday, September 23rd 6-9pm and open to the public on Saturday and Sunday September 24th and 25th noon to 7 pm and also on view during Bushwick Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd. It's presented by Poissonblanc at Factory ArtSpace located at 1630 Stephen Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn.

  • Recent past

  • Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

    Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

    Shay Arick, Maria Belford, Wonchun Che, Marcy Chevali, Ann Cofta, Kristina Fetkovich, Catherine Fletcher, Cora Jane Glasser, Matt Greco, Norma Greenwood, Jennifer Ivey, Rod Ivey, Sarah Langsam, Kristine Marx, Shannon McBride, Alva Mooses & Troels Steenholdt Heiredal, Antonia A. Perez, Minshik Shin, Judy Yang

    Opening Reception: Friday June 17, 7pm.
    161-04 Jamaica Avenue
    June 17-August 30

  • Everyone In Their Own Way

    A Group Exhibition Surveying Gallery Aferro’s Studio Residency
    Curated by Alex Scott Cumming and Jacob L Mandel
    Arts Guild of New Jersey
    1670 Irving Street, Rahway, NJ 07065
    March 20th – April 14th 2016
    Opening Reception Sunday March 20th 1-4pm

    The dichotomy of artist to work is mirrored in the concept of artist residency to artist. The process each artist embarks upon defines their product, while their participation in a residency program defines the community and history of that residency. In today’s political and social climate, there are innumerable pressures to pursue a career in just about any field besides fine art, yet artists are compulsively drawn to work, to their need for expression. In the face of these pressures, artists continue to create. Gallery Aferro’s Studio Residency has provided artists access to creative space and community for over 10 years. The residency makes the artist’s process possible on a scale that might otherwise not be possible. Each artist works to define a vision of creativity and expression, while Gallery Aferro works to provide an outlet for these artists, both in terms of productivity and access to community engagement. Everyone In Their Own Way is a look into the reciprocating relationships between community, process, cultural content, and artist.

    Katrina Bello
    Marcy Chevali
    Hal Laessig
    Yoland Skeete
    Lizzy Storm
    Amanda Thackray
    Ambika Trasi

  • Approaching -273.15° C

    November 13 – December 12, 2015

    Reception November 13th from 6-9 pm

    Keith Anderson
    Marcy Chevali
    James Cullinane
    Daniela Kostova
    Raphaele Shirley
    Curated by Michael Sarff of Over the Opening (OTO)

    Absolute zero (-273.15° Celsius or 0°on the Kelvin scale) is the temperature at which all motion in matter stops. Until very recently this state of perfect stillness and corresponding order was thought to be unreachable. For the exhibition Approaching -273.15° C at academic, Keith Anderson, Marcy Chevali, James Cullinane, Daniela Kostova and Raphaele Shirley create art in regions that move from active and chaotic towards an ever distant ideal of rest and symmetry. Contained within the metaphors and physicality of this approach, the artists point towards a space that operates just before a perfect cold. It is in this endless state of almost null, the artworks in Approaching -273.15° C float suspended between transformation and resolution.

    a publication on my piece, Circumference is available here.